Phoolen Ngo
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    Different awareness generation camps and capacity building training on Health, hygiene and sanitation practices, prevention of water & vector born diseases, adolescent and reproductive health.  
    Combating Mal Nutrition in20 villages of Mahupur block under Deoghar District of Jharkhand state.
    Promotion and Revival of Herbal medicinal plants and practices for livelihood security in 50 villages of 3 Blocks under Deoghar district, Jharkhand.
    The organization is running a school which is popularly known as NAV NIRMAN VIDYA NIKETAN situated in its registered office of bhogtachorant. In this school the local children are availing the quality English education and later they are being sent to the high schools in the distant places of the district.  
    The campaign on WE CAN END violence Against Women in Jharkhand covers 498 Blocks of 23 district of Jharkhand. It recognizes violence against women is rooted in gender inequality and that whether in homes or outside, it reflects the power structures in society which relegate the status of women in society to be only that after men. Its starting point is, thus, to deal with conditions that systematically deny women their lives, health, rights, choices and power in the family.  
    Combating domestic Violence against women through Capacity building program in 10 Villages of Masalia Block of Dumka District, Jharkhand.
SKILL DEVELOPMENT & Entrepreneurship building
    The organization imparting trade based vocational training to the rural youth with special emphasis to the women those early school leavers to make them self entrepreneur and self respectful. Already 150 rural youth have undergone the skill enhancement training with different trades according to their skill and potential. Majority of them are now either employed or self employed. Few successful trainees are now better income position in outer state like west Bengal, Delhi & Gujarat.  
    Mainstreaming traditional Rural Artisans on demand driven handicraft production through design and technical skill enhancement. It covers 20 Villages & urban Wards of Madhupur and Karon Block.  
    Mainstreaming 100 socially excluded women and built them a small scale entrepreneur in Madhupur of Deoghar district under Jharkhand.
    Tasar pre cocoon Cluster Development scheme targeting 115 tribal families and capacitate them to produce Qualitative and quantitative cocoons to secure livelihood option.
    Homestead poultry development to equip and capacitate 140 tribal families towards stable livelihood development.
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