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THE NAV Nirman VIDYA NIKETAN, Formal School Project, Expand the scope of PHOOLEEN’s work with less privileged children-reach out to wider community of children with more saleable, lower cost model. Use PHO OLEEN’s expertise in education to improve the quality of learning in formal school system. Establish a long-term partnership between PHOOLEEN and BSMT, enabling the two organizations to work together for the benefit of the less privileged children.

100 students are usually enrolled successfully in the school, the increasing numbers of girls students are increasing in the school and it is an indicator that even the rural mass are sensitized towards the educational importance of the girl child at their own wisdom.

With the growing number of the students in the school due to its quality education we require to develop infrastructure with number of teaching faculties. This project shall sustained at its own potential and meet the need of parents in the long run.

Skill Building for livelihood promotion:

The Govt. of India is promoting Vocational education to increase employment opportunity in the country. Certainly sponsored schemes of the vocationalisation of the secondary education are in the process of implementation in the states and the union territories with the objective of promoting vocational education for providing diversification of educational opportunities to enhance self employment and to reduce the gap between the demand and supply of skilled human power. Despite of a lot of strategies and action have been taken by the government department under various schemes but still the school dropout youths are excluded from those schemes specially the youths residing in the remote areas which are far away from the state capital and metro cities. Considering the situation

PHOOLEEN implements Vocational Skill development training to rural dropout youth specially the underprivileged women has received the expertise to enhance their skill to show the best of their worthy towards Entrepreneurship and self employment. The impact of this project is an outcome of last few years’ efforts by the organisation, in the district. The Skill Training Centres plays important role in mitigation of Skill building requirements of rural youths who belongs to poorest of the poor. Though even amongst the community, despite of a high migration there had been a trend towards ignoring the need for skill based employment opportunity. This project “Skill Enhancement and self reliance building of school dropout youths is an attempt to understand the exploring a vital scope for entrepreneurship and self employment skill building, through a series of intervention. We also pay attentions in sensitizing the stakeholders for the revival of skill based knowledge system and its development through EDP. It further looked deeply into how these efforts of Skill enhancement training could open the gateway for small scale enterprise development for the benefits of those disadvantaged target groups to reap benefits for the communities through appropriate job opportunity.

The projects on the vocational trainings being implemented by the organisations are:

  • Skill enhancement and self reliance building of 200 school dropout youth, under the trade Zari- Embroidery, Bag Making, Electrical wiring, Motor rewinding, Electrical home appliance repairing, Bamboo craft, in Deoghar, Jharkhand.
  • Mainstreaming 100 socially excluded women and built them a small scale entrepreneur under the trade artificial jewellery making, Embroidery, Incense stick making, Papad, Bari, Pickle making in Deoghar district of Jharkhand.

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