Phoolen Ngo
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Late Sergeant Binoy Kumar Singh after retirement from Indian Air force struggled with the hilly and barren land provided by the govt. and tried his best to convert that into cultivable land. During that time he and his wife Late Mrs. Janki Singh initiated social work for the betterment of the under privileged classes in the area especially the women and children.

His strenuous toil transformed the barren land to a fertile one. He taught the people how to cultivate crops by using the technique of biological farming. He was a great environmentalist and social activist. He started the 'Chipko Movement' against the contractors and saved the forest of “Chechali and Jitpur”. With his efforts, the awareness among the people to save the Forest got a new dimension. He was not merely a farmer but also an architect who contributed towards the moral development of human being. People had great respect for him. Mr. Singh also established a milestone by developing the system of Homeopathic treatment and Herbal medicine in his area.

At that time on the request of Mrs. & Mr. Singh the prominent and renowned environmentalist Shri Sundar Lal Bahuguna paid visit to the area and he extend his support to the Singh couple to the work which was initiated by them. The couple paid frequent visits to the nearby villages and inspired the people on the eco-friendly agriculture which would retain the quality of soil. The forests are surviving due to this movement and as a result of this today hundreds of families are intensively engaged in Tasar cultivation from which they are getting their livelihood security and leading dignified lives. The Couple spoke to the people regarding health problems. They also struggled to acquire Govt. health facilities for the ignorant and innocent villagers. Later on, Smt. Janki Singh was also elected as a member of the Madhupur Block for her social welfare activities. The villagers affectionately called Mr. Singh as 'Chacha' and Mrs Singh as ‘Chachi’. As the couple did not have any issue so they adopted a boy named ‘Allauddin’. Chachi was very happy along with her son and daughter-in-law. They recited the Holly books Geeta and Quran under the same roof which was a burning example of communal harmony and which is still need of the day. This is a great source of inspiration not only for the local people but also for the people of the world. Chacha was the pioneer of the establishment of the few N.G.O's in the Madhupur area, PHOOLEEN Mahila Chetna Vikas Kendra being the brainchild of his noble ideas. After the demise of Mr. Singh, his mission carrier and wife Mrs. Janki Singh carried forward the movement. Under her benevolent leadership the organisation grown from a plant to full fledge tree which was sewed by her husband Mr. Singh. After the demise of Mrs. Janki Singh in the year 2005 the Second Line young leaders who have been trained and well motivated by Late Mrs. Singh came forward with constant effort to full-fill the dream of Late Chachajee & Chachijee. PHOOLEEN is very much like a family with staff and the community people that they may maintain Communal harmony, built solidarity and act for positive changes and working diligently towards a set goal.

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